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Why We Play Club Volleyball

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Have you been wondering why playing club volleyball is so worthwhile? Have you been asking whether there are any benefits, and if so, what they are? Read on to learn more about why coaches and players alike find it such a positive experience.

Club Volleyball - A Little Background

Over the last 20 years, there has been an increase in the popularity of club volleyball. All over the country, athletes and parents are starting to recognize the benefits volleyball can offer. As a result, more young people are taking up the sport at an earlier age. Athletes who want to commit to playing volleyball need to choose the right volleyball club for them. Once they have done so, they go through the process of tryouts. Then, they receive an assignment to the most appropriate team. Usually, they play alongside others of their own age. Then, the players play and train together and compete in tournaments during their school teams’ off-season.

Why Do Coaches Enjoy Club Volleyball?

Before we look at why the players enjoy playing club volleyball, let’s take a look first at the coaches themselves. Why do they choose to coach club volleyball teams? Well, the answer is unanimous. They truly love the sport. As passionate players of the game themselves, they want to impart their skills and drive to succeed. All coaches will tell you that they do it because they want to teach their teams how to play well. However, you certainly shouldn’t overlook their love of competition! There’s nothing more satisfying for any coach than seeing their teams be successful!

Why Do Parents Like Club Volleyball?

From the parents’ point of view, club volleyball offers a host of advantages for their children. Those benefits are physical, social, and emotional, as well as potentially financial.

For a start, club volleyball helps young people make friends and develop strong social skills. By meeting new people and learning to work as a team, they can hone their abilities. Of course, club volleyball also teaches about competitiveness and how to deal with both winning and losing. It also helps to raise players’ self-esteem and self-confidence - something many young people today struggle with.

In terms of health and fitness, volleyball is also highly beneficial. Too many young people these days are living sedentary lifestyles. At the same time, they are eating too much junk food, and, as a result, they are becoming obese. By enabling them to stay active on a regular basis, volleyball helps players stay fit and healthy. This is something that is very appealing to parents who want the best for their children. There is one further advantage, too. College recruiters watch club volleyball games to spot young talent and offer scholarship opportunities. The prospect of their son or daughter receiving free tuition is something that every parent would appreciate.

Why Do Boys And Girls Like Club Volleyball?

So, now, we’ve come to the most important factor – why do young people love playing club volleyball? Of course, everyone will have a different answer. However, there are a number of common elements. Here are just a few:

  • The chance to improve their skills. Club volleyball has a long season. And, with so many practices and tournaments, every player sees her skills improve. There is nothing so satisfying as knowing that you’re making progress and honing your abilities.

  • Learning from a great coach. Most clubs today hire coaches with years of experience. Some have been coaches for a considerable time while others were once players. This gives young players the opportunity to learn from the best. The girls can benefit from their coach’s experience and extensive knowledge of the sport.

  • Having the opportunity to play competitively. Who doesn’t enjoy a little competition? When you play club volleyball, you have the chance to compete consistently. Whether you’re playing practice games or in tournaments, the play level and the amount of competition will be higher. As a result, you’ll be better able to compete for a starter position or for playing time back at school.

  • Being exposed to college programs and coaches. If you’re a player who is enthusiastic to play volleyball at the collegiate level, you must play for a club. Most college coaches admit that recruitment just won’t happen via high school sports programs. That means, for any young person to have the potential for scholarship recruitment, they must join a club. With the benefits of being granted a scholarship so obvious, it’s no wonder many players want to play club volleyball!

  • Having the opportunity to compete at higher levels. For players who are at high schools that are less competitive, club volleyball opens up their opportunities. Players with good skills can find that they aren’t pushed or challenged at such schools. Club volleyball, however, offers the opportunity to play at a more competitive level. Therefore, players are able to experience more challenging levels of play.

  • Better physical fitness. When there are two or three practices every week, as well as tournaments lasting a day, fitness improves greatly. Every player builds up her stamina, conditioning, and strength and becomes healthier and fitter.

  • Having the chance to make new like-minded friends with the same interests. At school, not all players will have the same level of commitment to the sport. However, when young people play club volleyball, they will be playing alongside athletes with the same level of interest. This allows for strong friendships to develop, on the court and off it.

  • Being able to play their favorite sport for even longer, even when the season at school is over!

Join Seal Beach Volleyball Club Today

Now you know why we play club volleyball! We’ve told you the reasons why our coaches, our players, and their parents are so keen. Are you convinced of the benefits? If so, it’s time to join Seal Beach Volleyball Club today. We’ll help you to improve your playing skills and achieve your sporting goals, all the while making new friends. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon.


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