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Ace Your Volleyball Tryouts With These Proven Tips

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

girls at volleyball tryouts

Surviving volleyball tryouts can be challenging. Young players often go unprepared and return

disappointed. Whether you seek to play in a club or prepare for high school, you

must take some essential steps to succeed. Here are some tips to help ace volleyball tryouts.

Tips to Ace Volleyball Tryouts

These pointers can help improve performance during tryouts.

Know Your Skillset

For any player, it is crucial to know your strengths and weaknesses in this sport. If

you prepare for tryouts, you may want to rethink your skillset. Regardless of your level, going through the basics may help identify strengths and weaknesses.

The first skill you need to test is passing. Perfect your passing to help avoid negative feedback. Serving is an equally important skill to consider. Some players excel at this, and if you're one of them, exploit this edge to gain extra points. Hitting is another place you might excel, so running drills to test these skills may help formulate your strategy. Lastly, always hustle on the court.

Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way

Working on your skills is important. However, improving your playing attitude is crucial. Many

competitive volleyball players lose the opportunity to play simply due to their attitude. Test yourself under stressful situations on the court to analyze your reaction. A pro tip to improve your playing attitude is to communicate on the court. Cheer your fellow players for good plays and help lift their spirits when they make mistakes. A positive attitude helps the

player and boosts team confidence. More importantly, such players quickly catch the

coach's attention at tryouts.

In some cases, coaches will drop bad-attitude players to pick less-competitive players with a

positive attitude.

Be Responsive to the Coaches

Coaches help players win matches. Being responsive to coach instruction builds a relationship of cooperation. You may have a strong skill set to beat out many players on the court. However, a bad player/coach relationship will impact your performance and make you less favorable to the coaches.

Our tip is to be respectful during tryouts. Do not let your ego prevent you from appearing cooperative on court. If a coach praises you, take the feedback humbly and increase your efforts. On the other hand, if you get negative feedback, don't let it get you down or make you angry.

If given the opportunity during tryouts, another tip for building a positive relationship with the coaches is to engage in a one-on-one conversation. Discuss your weaknesses and strengths and seek advice. Moreover, looking the coach in the eyes while communicating is an appropriate way of acknowledging the coach's efforts.

Come Prepared

Preparedness is an essential factor while heading to volleyball tryouts. Give yourself some extra time to head to the tryouts and get ready. Arrive in the proper attire, ready to go.

Coming prepared allows you to maintain your focus during playing time. If it's your first time,

you may want to research the appropriate attire for playing volleyball. Looking like a volleyball player is crucial in the first few seconds of the tryout. It tells the coaches that you know the game and its protocols.

Stay Focused

Many young players engage in unnecessary discussions while waiting for the tryouts to begin. While it may help them take their mind off the game, it can cost them their first impression. Sports experts always recommend players avoid unnecessary talks before tryouts begin.

Engaging in conversations with the other players can divert your focus from the game. Many

confident players hurt their chances as a result of this. Staying focused can help

you in two ways. It not only helps keep your thoughts clear, but coaches may notice your

determination as a result.

Take Every Play or Drill Seriously

It will not please the coaches if you show a casual attitude toward a bad hit. When the tryouts begin, you must always hustle and take every play seriously.

It may seem like the coaches do not notice the small errors or perfect plays, but they do. Coaches keep a keen eye on every play, so focus on making each drill execute perfectly. Sometimes participation in a club's Summer Programs or Clinics can help you get noticed before tryouts begin and serve as an opportunity to learn and improve skills before tryouts.

Final Note

Clubs like Seal Beach Volleyball for Girls hold tryouts for 15 to 18-year-olds in July and 12 - 14-year-olds in October. SCVA membership is required for club volleyball. A review of the club website and tryout procedures is strongly recommended before you sign up for any club's tryouts.


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