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Joining a Volleyball Club: What You Need to Know

joining club volleyball

With so many questions about volleyball club membership, we get asked this one the most: should I sign up for a volleyball club? Keep reading to learn if it's right for you and what you'll need to know before joining a volleyball club.

Do I Really Want To Join A Volleyball Club?

A great way to get started with a volleyball club is to figure out your motivation for joining. Do you want to play for fun, make friends, become skilled, or win tournaments? All of these are valid reasons to join. Club-level volleyball is a great way to challenge yourself and get better at the game. It provides players with a challenging way to work on their skills and knowledge of the sport, and furthermore, it's a great next step for players who want their game to develop throughout the years. Players considering playing volleyball in college and beyond should consider club-level activities in order to keep their game sharp and competitive.

Volleyball Clubs Are Big Commitments

While it is a fun sport to play, joining a club team at a young age actually takes a lot of commitment. Although we want your all-star skills on our club team, we encourage you to consider the reality of what it takes to actually play at the club level. It can be challenging for everyone to meet certain time requirements at Seal Beach Volleyball Club. The importance of discussing club-level volleyball with your family cannot be overstated.

From travel plans and not missing any games or practices to the financial side of it, there is a great deal of commitment required of both the players and their families. You should not sign up for something like this without any prior consideration of these commitment requirements. Follow your passion if this is a sport you are passionate about pursuing; however, before committing, make sure you have the full support of your family.

There Are Benefits To Joining A Volleyball Club

Club volleyball can be tough because it requires a lot of time. However, playing volleyball under the supervision of a professional, supportive coach and with teammates who have the same goals as you is an invaluable experience. Investing your time in a club volleyball team is also a very rewarding personal growth experience. Although there are plenty of benefits to being in a club, it's important to remember that sometimes you'll need to prioritize and cut back on scheduling other activities so that you can always show up for practice and your team.


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