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Volleyball Season, 6 Steps to Success

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Get ready girls, the Holidays are here and volleyball season is about to kick into gear. Here are some tips to ensure we are all ready for this season.

  1. Attitude: Be vocal, energetic, and have a positive attitude. Be supportive of your new team members and stand out as a leader and team player. This will help build team chemistry early. This is crucial to all sports, and if a team isn’t in sync success is unlikely. Coaches are always on the lookout for players that can elevate the entire team. Show off your leadership qualities by being vocal and confident, show you’ll never flake on a play by being energetic, and show you’re a team player by cheering for others and having a positive attitude. Coaches love to see that.

  2. Practice: School is always a priority, and family events are important, but manage your time to avoid missing practice. Put an effort into improving performance in key volleyball techniques; serving, blocking, hitting, digging, passing and setting. If possible, attend volleyball camps or work one on one with coaches to fine tune your game. You might also consider filming practice. Video analysis serves as a valuable tool and allows players to watch missteps on the court and correct errors.

  3. Dedication: Related to practice - arrive early to ensure you have enough time to warm up, stretch and mentally prepare. OK, sometimes this is not possible, but if you can't be early, be on time! Don't let being late determine your fate.

  4. Fitness: Elevate your performance on the court by staying fit. In volleyball, stamina and strength are key. So watch your Holiday eating habits and maybe consider using some of this off time to do some running, biking, and jumping rope. Increase strength in each major muscle group with some resistance training. If you commit, you’ll be in great shape before games begin.

  5. Nutrition: Get serious about nutrition. It's very true that “you are what you eat”! It’s OK to indulge; Tamales, Ham, Christmas Cookies, and... an occasional holiday fruit cake will all be presented to you in the upcoming weeks. Have some, but do it in moderation. Great nutrition begins with eating a healthy breakfast. It’s, the most important meal of the day. Yogurt, oatmeal, fruit and milk are all nutritious options for a balanced breakfast. NOT a bowl of those new Cinnamin Frosted Flakes that will put you to sleep by 9 am. Healthy foods have been proven to improve metabolism, increase alertness and raise energy levels, so start your day off right.

  6. Sleep: Put those devices away and get some sleep. Experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night. This is especially important before a volleyball game! Electronic devises are proven to stimulate senses and make it harder to fall asleep. Ensure you’re properly rested and ready to perform to your maximum level by getting a full night’s sleep.


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