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2014 Season Highlights

Six of our seven indoor Elite “Travel” teams finished in the SCVA’s Gold Division!

  • 12-Tony: GOLD D-1 finish / 3rd in SCVA JNQ / 9th USAV Nationals 12’s American Division

  • 13-Maria: GOLD D-3 finish / 2nd in SCVA JNQ / 9th in USAV 13’s National Division

  • 14-Tony: GOLD D–1 / 14’s SCVA Champions / 5th in KC JNQ / 21st USAV Nationals 14’s Open Division

  • 14-Melody: GOLD D-4 finish / 25th in SCVA JNQ / 30th in AAU Festival 14’s Division

  • 15-Roger: GOLD D-2 finish / 4th in SCVA JNQ / 5th in AAU Festival 15’s Division

  • 16-Melody: GOLD D–1 finish / 9th in KC JNQ / 41st AAU Nationals 16’s Open Division

We founded Seal Beach “SAND” beach volleyball training program in June 2014 had over 60 players participate. Our “Seal SAND” players competed in CBVA, USAV, and AAU tournaments events. We had several of our players finish in the top five in one or more events.


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