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SBVBC Teams Qualify for 2018 Girls Junior Nationals

Updated: Feb 5

Girls Junior Nationials 2018 Detroit

7 Seal Beach Teams qualified for Junior Nationals this year

Once again Seal Beach Volleyball Club makes another strong showing at Junior Nationals. This year we have 7 teams that qualified. Each year our strong showing is a testament to the spirit and hard work these girls put into this season, the dedication and experience of the coaching staff, and the parental support that our club consistently generates.

This will be the 39th GJNC event, and the first time it has been held in Detroit. There will be over 1,200 teams in attendance, approximately 12,000 players, and well over 25,000 spectators. There are 26 titles to be awarded before the event ends, covering five divisions and seven different age groups ranging from 11-and-under to 17-and-under.


Seal Beach Teams that qualifed for Junior Nationals!

17 Black

Bria Augustine, Keila Barra, Kara Green, Keely Frank, Barron Elliot,

Olivia Maxwell, Sophia Peterson, Samantha Oh, Amanda Yap, Gwendolyn Russell,

Miranda Telles, Alex Hurtado, Kiera Hurley

16 Black

​Isabella Bareford, Riley Beyma, Kaia Brown, Reagan Merk, Phoebe Minch,

Lauren Osborne, Presley Parker, Natalie Repetti, Lauren Tarnoff,

Sofia Skukan, Xolani Hodel

15 Black

Juliette Bokor, Alexandria Brown, Lauren Mena, Megan Kinney, Cambria Grant,

Kendall Osgood, Emily Sparks, Lauryn Sweeney, Sabrina Phinizy,

Stephanie Norberg, Rachel Lucie

15 Blue

Alexandra Almeida, Michelle Jackson, Marly Jacobo, Kyleigh Noble, Makena Merlo,

Cassidy Vu, Sofia Lujan, Erin Min, Chloe Garate, Nika Fedorova

14 Black

​Gabby Higgs, Carli Farney, Kelly McCloskey, Gabby Reinking,Antonia Bareford,

Kate Osteen, Isabel Aguilar, Elise Varipapa, Sydney Perry, Olivia Panzica

13 Black

Julia Reusch, Brooke Wronski, Olivia Hertzog, Alessia Filocamo, Peyton Farren,

Grace Maxwell, Zoey Henson, Tegan Holdaway, Michelle Fazio,

Grace Huh, Izzy Penta

12 Black

Emma Jones, Haylee LaFontaine, Kylie Leopard, Tessa Hurley, Ava Hinkle,

Lili Malaki, Sydney May, Chloe Pravednikov, Ashley Repetti,

Dani Sparks, Sofia DeLucia


Cobo Center, the convention center site for the event, boasts one of the largest contiguous exhibit floor spaces in North America. In the heart of downtown Detroit, this is a full-service facility that was recently renovated in 2015.

Imagine 2.4 million square feet of usable volleyball court space. Cobo pairs its accommodations with spectacular views of a restored international riverfront, on-site restaurants, a business service center and its very own Detroit People Mover railway station.

Detroit has a long, successful history of hosting world-class events from the Ryder Cup to the Super Bowl, the MLB All-Star Game and the NCAA Men's Final Four. They have the expertise and experience to showcase any event to the world.

Concentrated areas of startups, independent retailers, fine food establishments, big brand name stores and entertainment options continue to surface, move forward and make headlines in Detroit, further proving the city is America’s great comeback story.

The Motor City boasts more than 36,000 hotel rooms and features a completely remodeled, state-of-the-art airport that handles 1,200 flights every day to and from 150 destinations on four continents. A rich array of cultural attractions, landmarks, outdoor activities and shopping helped Detroit be named 52 Places To Go In 2017 (New York Times, January 2017) and 6 Unexpected Cities For The Food Lover (National Geographic, January 2017). Get more information on the City of Detroit,


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